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Privacy MattersSM is one of the nation's leading providers of credit management and protection products and services.

Since 1998, credit scores requested through our service have been the cornerstone of effective credit for millions of members. Now, PrivacyMatters.com ranks among the Internet's top destinations for comprehensive credit information plus timely news and tips.

PrivacyMatters.com takes the guesswork out of credit protection.

Through PrivacyMatters.com members and non-members alike enjoy unlimited use of our free Resource Center, which offers a wide variety of printable articles, news stories and other useful information. These highly informative articles, many written by industry experts, help consumers better understand and take advantage of their credit ratings, assess their exposure to credit theft, and learn how to protect their publicly available personal information more effectively. Members can also log in for unrestricted access to credit scores and other personal protection tools.

Products that provide comprehensive credit protection — and much more.

  • Privacy Matters 1-2-3SM lets members view and monitor their financial/credit information quickly and easily from their own home computers. An extensive suite of credit-related services is available online. Members have unlimited access to their Triple Bureau Credit Scores* from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Additional benefits include triple bureau credit monitoring that automatically alerts members to suspicious credit activity in their names.Visit Privacy Matters 1-2-3

Get total credit protection today.

PrivacyMatters.com makes managing your credit easier than you ever thought possible. Check back regularly for the latest information and advice about understanding your credit scores. Remember: Your Privacy Matters!

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